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Titanium Alloy Products in Southampton and the UK

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Titanium Alloys in Southampton and the UK

Titanium Supplier in Basingstoke, Winchester, Bournemouth and Southampton

Advanced Titanium Materials Ltd offer a wide variety of titanium products produced for specific uses within a wide range of industries throughout the UK and Worldwide. Our titanium alloys can be produced to suit a wide range of strength and conductivity applications.

We stock over one million pounds worth of titanium products available for immediate supply including: bars, plates, ingots, tubes, discs, flanges and rings. Whatever your specific requirements may be, we have access to a variety of custom built forges which we can use in the production of bespoke titanium products to suit your needs.

Titanium Alloy Products in Southampton and the UK

Titanium Forging in Winchester and Titanium Bars in Bournemouth

Advanced Titanium Materials Ltd have a long history of providing the highest quality titanium alloy products according to your requirements. We are committed to suppling the highest quality titanium alloy products to a range of industries for the most competitive prices.

We have developed a strong reputation throughout Europe and the UK as the first choice for bespoke titanium products for shipping, power generation, marine, nuclear, defence and aviation industries. Our bespoke products can be developed in any grade of titanium alloy according to the requirements of the parts.

Titanium Alloy Services in Southampton

Titanium Ingots in Portsmouth and Titanium Plates in Andover

Titanium is the ninth most abundant material in the Earth's crust and has a number of unique properties that make it desirable for a range of industries worldwide.

Titanium is a high strength and lightweight material that can be alloyed with vanadium and aluminium for a range of products including:

  • Jet engine housing
  • Fire walls for aircraft
  • Hydraulic tubing
  • Engine support
  • Compressor blades
  • Landing gear
  • Space capsules
  • Food production
  • Jewellery

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Titanium Sheets in Newbury and Titanium Metals in Sailsbury

Advanced Titanium Materials Ltd work alongside leading industries to provide bespoke titanium alloy products in Southampton, the UK and Worldwide. We can provide any grade of titanium alloys required and in any form.

To contact Advanced Titanium Materials Ltd today, please call us on or complete our contact form with any questions about the services that we provide.